Pratt & Whitney Additive Manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center was established in April 2013 in partnership with Pratt & Whitney, to advance additive manufacturing research and development.

The Center uses advanced powder bed manufacturing technologies and high-powered electron beams and lasers to repeatedly melt fine layers of powdered metals like titanium into one solid integrated piece. This layer-by-layer “additive” process allows for the creation of extremely complex three-dimensional objects without the constraints of the traditional manufacturing process.

Additive manufacturing has nearly limitless potential applications and can be used for a wide range of products – from advanced turbine components for jet engines to personalized prosthetic implants for patients who need them.

Core activities of the Center will include:

  • Federal, State and industry-sponsored research and development projects involving UConn faculty and students
  • Customized assistance for manufacturers seeking to explore additive manufacturing for their own product design and development
  • Custom educational workshops and training programs for practicing manufacturing and design engineers
  • Hands-on learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to use 3D and additive manufacturing technologies
  • Educational degree concentrations and curricula, developed in concert with relevant UConn departments

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