Affiliated Faculty & Research Specialties

Faculty and Research Specialties from a number of disciplines contribute to the Center’s energy expertise.  These people include:

 manos1 Manos Anagnostou
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Research Interest: Satellite and radar remote sensing of precipitation, distributed hydrologic modeling of complex terrain floods, underwater passive aquatic listening observations, numerical weather prediction and data assimilation. To learn more about Prof Anagnostou’s research click here.
A.F. M. Anwar
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Interest: Carrier localization in one-dimensional structures, transport in semiconductor devices; impurity diagnostics in quantum well structures and Silicon nanowires; Sb-based type-II infrared detectors; noise in semiconductor devices; power performance of GaN-based HFETs and circuits; metamorphic HEMTs, high power quantum cascade lasers. To learn more about Prof Anwar’s research click here.
 lBonville Leonard Bonville
Research Specialist, Center for Clean Energy Engineering
Research Interest: Process development, endurance, and cost reduction of fuel cell membranes, catalyst coated membranes, and MEA’s for PEM and acid stacks
  Wilson K.S. Chiu
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Research Areas: Electrochemical modeling and thermal control of underwater fuel cell systems.  To learn more about Prof Chiu’s research click here.
cho_yongku_profile  Yongku Cho
Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Research Areas: Protein Engineering, Optogenetics, Neuroimaging, Molecular Neurobiology. To learn more about Prof Cho’s research click here.
Yu Lei
Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Research Areas Bionanotechnology, Bio/nanosensor, Bio/nanomaerials, Remediation. To learn more about Prof Lei’s research click here.
luh[1] Peter Luh
SNET Professor of Communications & Information, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Research Areas: Membrane Separations, Polymer Electrospinning, Forward Osmosis/Osmotic Power.
Ranjan Srivastava
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Research Areas: Systems Biology, Metabolic Engineering, & Machine Learning.  To learn more about Prof. Srivastava’s research click here.
willis2012_profile Brian Willis
Northeast Utilities Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering Education
Research Areas: Nanotechnology, Molecular Electronics, Semiconductor Devices and Fuel Cells.  To learn more about Prof. Willis’s research click here.