C2E2 Equipment Fee Schedule

Center for Clean Energy Engineering
On-site Instrumentation Room
Recharge Rates
Effective Feb 15, 2013

The Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2), at the University of Connecticut has assembled advanced energy materials and testing capabilities to support research ranging from energy conversion to fuels to power management. These capabilities are currently being provided to the UConn faculty and students to support ongoing research in all facets of energy and energy related research. In addition, these services are offered to all industrial partners and University of Connecticut faculty and graduate students who might be engaged in energy or non-energy related research but would benefit from these capabilities.  C2E2 houses equipment unique to the university and as such draws a wide group of users who benefit from its one-of-a-kind analytical capabilities. This core capability will continue to support research driven by UConn faculty as well as collaborating industrial partners. The recharge rates are to create a cost recovery structure to operate and manage key equipment capabilities such that we provide analytical capabilities to support these research needs as well as providing a training opportunity for graduate students.  to see a complete listing of equipment and rates click here