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Postdoctoral Fellows & Visiting Scholars

Postdoctoral Fellows

Asish Aphale
Research Interest: Develop multifunctional nanomaterials and establish their structure-property-function relation for various applications such as electrochemical sensors, energy storage, SOFC cathode and anode degradation mechanism, graphene, carbon nanotubes and polymer nanocomposites
Pawan Kumar Dubey
Research Interest:

Gholamreza Mirshekari
Research Interest: Nanocatalysts fabrication for energy conversion and storage devices (i.e. fuel cells, water electrolyzers, batteries), nanoparticles advanced microstructural characterization, electrochemistry and electrochemical in-situ/ ex-situ testing, surface science and coating, welding and joining of advanced materials, and corrosion properties and mechanical behavior of advanced alloys

Muhammad Anisur Rahman

Research Interest: High temperature oxidation, corrosion, electrochemistry,2D nanomaterials, and thermal energy storage