Student Enrichment

K-12 Student Enrichment, C2E2 faculty, students, and staff actively support an integrated array of outreach and diversity programs aimed at enhancing engineering awareness among school-age students and their teachers. The Center hosts visiting groups of school children throughout the year, many on campus to explore energy technologies. 

UCONN Engineering Ambassadors, the Engineering Ambassadors are the student representatives of UCONN’s School of Engineering.  Engineering Ambassadors strive to raise awareness of the value of engineering and the need to increase interest in the field.  We hope to connect people with UCONN’s School of Engineering. You will find us giving presentations and tours on campus to prospective engineering students and families. You will find our Presentation Team members in middle and high schools educating students on the importance of engineering to the health, happiness, and safety of our world.  You will see Ambassadors on campus at special events and workshops.  You will find Ambassadors after school supporting engineering clubs and hosting special after school workshops. Engineering Ambassadors support the School of Engineering by participating in Engineering Diversity Programs and by providing a volunteer force to serve the engineering community at UCONN. We hope that our presentations and programs play a role in changing the conversation that students are having about engineering.

Learn more about programs & opportunities offered at the School of Engineering’s Vergnano Institute for Inclusion.


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