The Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) serves as a portal for energy research and education at the University of Connecticut. Focused on meeting with the vision and goals of the academic plan, the center conducts cutting edge research for advancing the scientific and engineering knowledge base, training of scientists and engineers, transforming basic understanding to engineered systems and technology transfer that enables market transformation. The Center’s efforts are geared toward catalyzing the development of a global “Sustainable Energy Economy” through academic basic and applied research, systems engineering, prototype development and demonstration as well as providing cost-effective solutions to current and emerging technologies. The Center efficiently utilizes resources provided by the university, government agencies and industries for education, training, outreach and community development. Working with the faculty, staff and students, the center develops and promotes academic excellence in energy sustainability, cross cutting multi-disciplinary systems based engineering research with the intent of the promotion of efficient resource utilization and development and implementation of energy policies at the state and national level.

To better address emerging global needs, C2E2 has expanded its research scope to address a wider range of sustainable energy interests, including the development of pioneering technologies that harness renewable sources of energy and improve existing energy production methods for fossil fuels, and the integration of these sources for universal implementation through power conversion systems. Faculty and students utilize well equipped laboratories at the center to conduct near and long term research sponsored by state and federal agencies, research institutions and industries. Shared laboratory facilities and collaborative work environment provides an atmosphere for conducting component as well as large systems based research. Outreach to promote STEM at local high school level has been promoted.

C2E2’s scope of energy research is focused in the following areas.

  • Advanced Energy Materials, Processes and SystemsImproving the efficiency and durability while reducing the cost of high- and low-temperature fuel cells and other power conversion
  • Combustion Science and Technology Creating novel techniques for chemical conversion of fuels; improving the quality of emissions and increasing the efficiency of existing methods of conversion.
  • Energy Storage and Power ManagementThe storage and conversion of energy obtained from fossil fuels, biofuels, fuel cells, solar, wind, and hydroelectric sources for distributed generation applications through the development of enabling technologies for the “smart grid.”
  • Fuels and Fuel ProcessingImproving hydrogen production, catalysis, and heat integration for fuel reformation; improving waste heat recovery and reducing C02emissions in coal refineries; thermo-chemical and hybrid cycles; gasification and extracting energy from sources of organic material such as coal, petroleum, biofuel and
  • Renewable Energy and ResourcesDeveloping innovative technologies behind solar photo­ catalysis, wind and electrochemical conversion; hydroelectric and water filtration