Teacher Enrichment

The da Vinci Project, a one-week residential program for middle and high school mathematics, science and technology teachers, who earned continuing education credits while gaining valuable insight into engineering fundamentals. In addition to 18 hours of coursework on fundamental engineering subjects, the teachers participated in a fuel cell workshop at the Center for Clean Energy Engineering in which they built and tested their own fuel cell from scratch while gaining in-depth understanding of the sciences behind fuel cell design. They also participated in special seminars, tours and demonstrations designed to broaden their’ understanding of how deeply engineering improves everyday life. The teachers also developed modules for integration into their classroom curricula. 

Joule Fellows Program, the Joule Fellows program provides teachers of science, mathematics, and/or technology with an opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to ongoing research in sustainable energy.

Visit the Vergnano Institute for Inclusion to learn more about programs & opportunities through the School of Engineering.


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