C2E2 Safety Program


C2E2 is well established in clean energy research and is committed to safety.  To date C2E2 has an excellent safety record and in an effort to maintain and improve this record C2E2 management, through the Safety and Operations committee has generated a set of operating guidelines for use and operation of equipment in the laboratories at C2E2, Longley, and ESB.  These guidelines are consistent with those presented in UConn’s EH&S Chemical Hygiene Plan.  These guidelines were developed to simplify and facilitate the execution of our responsibilities in the area of developing, promoting, and executing a safe working environment.

Below are important documents that all researchers must adhere to along with required forms to maintain and drive safe work practices within our facilities.  It is everyone’s responsibility to comply with the C2E2 Safety Program.

1) HuskySMSUConn EH&S Training Resources

2) C2E2 Safety Compliance Policy MUST READ

3) Chemical Hygiene Plan MUST READ

4) UConn Work Alone Policy – MUST READ

5) New Revised Experiment form ver2 – REQUIRED to work in the lab

6) Workplace Hazard Assessment form for labs – REQUIRED to work in the lab

7) Chemical Authorization (CA) form – REQUIRED to work in the lab

8) Operating Schedule form – REQUIRED to work in the lab

9) Signature Confirmation PageREQUIRED to work in the lab

Safety program contacts:

Stoyan Bliznakov, C2E2 & Longley Bldg.
Associate Director Research Infrastructure

Huseyin Yer, C2E2
Facility Scientist 3

Leonard Bonville
Research Specialist

Garry Barnes, ESB Bldg.
Technical Operations Mgr.



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