Welcome to C2E2

Welcome to the Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) at the University of Connecticut.  C2E2 is an interdisciplinary research center at the School of Engineering focusing on building the next generation of energy technologies. We welcome visitors to our site to collaborate and explore opportunities to conduct research in all aspects of clean energy including discovering new materials, and designing and building new energy devices and systems that enable more efficient energy conversion and storage. We work with many industrial partners to implement these technologies into the next generation energy ecosystem. We take great pride in educating our next generation of energy professionals by focusing on cutting-edge research and offering educational programs, such as the interdisciplinary Master of Science degree in Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Systems.

The Center for Clean Energy Engineering faculty work with various federal, industrial and state funding agencies. This large network of industrial partners from various energy disciplines provides a forward thinking environment where industrial leaders, faculty and students work together to come up with creative solutions to solve real-world problems.  C2E2 provides shared experimental facilities that include various material synthesis and characterization capabilities, testing and evaluation capabilities for small and large devices and systems that provide opportunities to explore and build on these creative ideas for a greener future for tomorrow.

Please browse our website, and reach out to any of our faculty with questions or research collaboration opportunities that you may want to explore.  We welcome you to visit our center and look forward to meeting with you.


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