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International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy – Student Infographic Challenge 2020

Dear students,

On behalf of the UConn Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) and in preparation for the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day (08/10), we invite you to submit your Infographic designs about hydrogen and fuel cells. C2E2 is encouraging you to participate in this challenge, and offering prizes to winning entities (including cash and travel support) and technical support in preparation of the designs. Please, submit them to both to media@iphe.net for IPHE competition and to jasna.jankovic@uconn.edu. Only the designs submitted to both C2E2 and IPHE are eligible for the C2E2 awards. Please see the attached flyer for more details. Deadline – Oct 8, 2020.  Learn more.

The Challenge: Are you a student looking to learn more about hydrogen and fuel cells? IPHE wants to hear from you! Don’t miss out on this chance to apply your research and creative design skills to learn more about the world of hydrogen and win a cash prize.

As part of the IPHE Student Infographic Challenge, participants will research, interpret, and create a succinct, engaging infographic about a topic related to hydrogen and fuel cells. Through this challenge, students gain foundational knowledge about the field of hydrogen and fuel cells, develop research and design skills, and explore their creativity. This challenge provides a great opportunity to learn about this important field of energy research in a fun, engaging way. It also offers you the chance to expand your portfolio, connect with other students and professionals, and work alongside the next generation of hydrogen and fuel cell advocates, scientists, and engineers.

Who Can Enter: Secondary- (ages ~13 to 18) and university-level students from IPHE member countries are eligible to enter. Each pool of applicants will be judged separately. Students may work alone or in groups of 2-4.

Submission Details: Infographics are an important tool for delivering information in a quick, accessible, and visually appealing format for all audiences. The combination of text and visuals can serve a variety of purposes, from constructing an engaging narrative to expressing dense or technical information in a concise, straightforward way.

Students will research and design an infographic that is suitable for a public audience and is related to hydrogen and fuel cells in some way. Some possible topic areas include:

  • Basics of hydrogen and fuel cells
  • International status of hydrogen & fuel cells
  • Status of hydrogen & fuel cells within student’s or team’s home country
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell applications
  • Current field research
  • History of fuel cell technology development
  • Hydrogen safety

How to Submit: Participants will email their completed infographics to media@iphe.net and jasna.jankovic@uconn.edu with the subject line “IPHE Infographic Challenge Submission.” Your infographic should be in English, submitted as a high-resolution PNG, PDF or JPEG file and labeled as follows: “Country name_institutionname_last name.” Please note that submitting a version of the infographic in your native language is optional and will not impact judging or selection decisions.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions!!!

Jasna Jankovic, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering Department
University of Connecticut
O: (860) 486-6496
M: (860) 617-8798

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