UConn Hosts OREO+C Workshop May 25th & 26th

Last week our partners hosted OREO+C Workshop (Overall Research on Electrode Coating and Characterization Processes). The workshop featured discussions about scale-up fabrication and characterization of fuel cell and electrolyzer electrodes. Industry, national labs and academia gathered with the United States and German OREO team as they reported on four years of collaborative findings. The Center for Clean Energy Engineering focuses on building the next-generation energy technologies and tackling various facets of clean energy challenges. From discovering new materials to designing and building new energy devices that enable a more efficient energy conversion and storage, it boasts a collaborative research environment that brings experts across various academic departments and industries. The workshop and part of the work presented are supported by the School of Engineering, the UConn Center for Clean Energy Engineering, the Institute of Materials Science, the Materials Science and Engineering department, and National Science Foundation (NSF) awards. Great work, team!

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