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Sometimes a Break is Needed

Sometimes we just need to take a step back from research and the day-to-day to appreciate and enjoy those around us.  That is exactly what the C2E2 team did.  It was a break that we all seemed to appreciate.  It was a time to enjoy others through conversation, good food and fun games. The lawn […]

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Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Hydrogen Technologies – Summer 2023 Registration Now Open!

Spend Your Summer at UConn! Hydrogen Research Experience for Undergraduates:  A Convergent Approach on Traineeship towards Realizing H2 Economy Scientists worldwide are urgently seeking ways to provide a clean, secure, and affordable carbon-free energy future for the mankind. This is not an easy task as the statistics show that the energy demand worldwide is expected […]

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Research Experience for Undergraduates. Why are REU’s Especially Important Today?

How can undergraduate students learn more about clean energy at UConn? Julia Valla, Associate Professor at the Center for Clean Energy (C2E2), says we can do that through REU’s.  An REU program simply put, stands for a Research Experience for Undergraduates. Through these REU’s students can learn more about their field and get a closer […]

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UConn Hosts Pre-College Engineering Summer Program

July 18, 2019 — UConn’s Pre-College Summer Global Engineering students also visited our center. These students were interested in learning about the many engineering disciplines and the research that is performed at our center. They heard from our graduate students on how they selected their career path and about the research they are doing in […]

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