Water & Environment

The Water & Environment group has published research in areas of anion exchange membrane fuel cell performance, aircraft flux measurements, electrospun nanofiber morphology, nanofiltration membranes, developing commercially viable wastewater treatment and desalination technologies, 3D printed polamide membranes, forward osmosis and thin film composite membranes, pollutant concentrations and exposures, air quality modeling.

George Matheou
professor matheou
Research Areas:

  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • turbulence
  • atmospheric convection and clouds
  • weather and climate
  • stratified flows
  • dispersion and mixing
  • numerical methods
  • parallel computing

Jeff McCutcheon
professor Jeff McCutcheon  Research Areas:
Research Areas:

  • Membrane separations
  • 3D printed membranes
  • Thin film composite membrane design and fabrication
  • Organic solvent nanofiltration
  • Forward osmosis/osmotic dewatering
  • Electrospun nanofibers for separations
  • Polymeric membrane characterization

Leslie Shor
professor Leslie Shor  Research Areas:
Research Areas:

  • Microbial Systems Engineering
  • Agriculture Biotechnology
  • Environmental Biotechnology
  • Microfluidics & BioMEMS

Kristina Wagstrom
professor Kristina Wagstrom  Research Areas:
Research Areas:

  • Air pollution source contributions
  • Air pollution exposure estimation and inequality
  • Air pollution in communities
  • Ecosystem impacts of air pollution
  • Pesticide drift and sustainable agriculture
  • Engineering pedagogy



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