Power Electronics

The Power Electronics group has published research in areas of real-time loss minimization in induction machines, fault detection and diagnosis methods in induction motors, reliability modeling for induction motor drives, distributed generation for smart micro-grids, universal power conditioning systems, impedance spectroscopy strategies for Li-ion batteries,  power conditioning system for low-voltage solid oxide fuel cells.

Ali Bazzi

Research Areas:

  • Design, control, and optimization (efficiency, reliability, and cost) of power electronic systems
  • Electric motor drives and electro-mechanics
  • Distributed generation with focus on solar photovoltaics
  • Real-time control and optimization of energy system

Sung-Yeul Park

Research Areas:

  • Renewal energy power conditioning systems
  • Micro-grid inverters
  • Digital power converter/inverter control


Burcu Beykal

Research Areas:

  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Hybrid Modeling and Optimization
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning

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