C2E2 Laboratory

C2E2 is a dedicated 16,000 sq. ft. facility, located in the University of Connecticut Depot Campus, just five minutes from the main Storrs campus. The building offers functional office and laboratory spaces, designed to meet all needs for research and education. The C2E2 facility features four spacious high bay areas with over 24-ft. ceilings, and four laboratories with an average workspace per each of 850 sq. ft.  Experimental workspaces have centralized compressed air, gas lines for inert and reactive gases, DI water, exhaust systems, and 110/220/480-volt electrical bus. The laboratories are equipped with fume hoods and offer bench top experimental workspace for wet chemical experiments.

Each laboratory has individual gas detection sensors and digital read out panels interconnected to the University’s fire department.  C2E2 provides complete resources for fundamental and industrial research and development of catalysts and electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices that include: (i) catalysts and nanomaterials synthesis; (ii) comprehensive physical, chemical, and electrochemical characterization; (iii) electrodes, membrane electrodes assemblies (MEAs), and cells fabrication; (iii) prototypes and stacks assembly; (iv) electrochemical testing and diagnostics for single cells, multi-cell stacks and large fuel cell, electrolyzer, and battery systems.

C2E2 laboratories are supported with technical staff who ensure the safe operations of the research conducted in each facility.


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