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Faculty Spotlight: A Brighter Future for Clean Energy, Dr. Jankovic’s Research Leads the Way

By Margot Wentzel and Olivia Ortegon Professor Jasna Jankovic is one of the distinguished faculty members here at the Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2). Her experience in the industry, as well as academia, make her work unique and pivotal. Dr. Jankovic started her career in a petroleum refinery and achieved her master’s degree in […]

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True Potential Found at the World Fuel Cell Conference, Mariah Batool Achieves 2nd Place

By Ben Donohue & Olivia Ortegon Sparked by her interest from working for an oil and gas refinery in Pakistan, her home country, Mariah Batool says “fuel cells have always amazed me. I believe they are the next big thing”.  Mariah came to UConn on a Fulbright scholarship to focus on her research on advanced […]

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Assistant Research Professor, Dr. Naba Karan leads by “Curiosity Coupled with Determination”

By:  Olivia Ortegon and Ben Donohue      Dr. Naba Karan recently joined UConn as an Assistant Research Professor at the Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2). Dr. Karan previously worked at alpha-En Corporation, a lithium metal battery start-up company in Yonkers, New York until February 2021. There, he focused on the development of process parameters […]

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9th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention and f-cell+HFC Event “Digital Edition” – June 20-24, 2021

  Dear colleagues, On behalf of the WHTC | f-cell+HFC organizing committee, I would like to personally invite you to join us at the 9th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention and f-cell+HFC Event “Digital Edition” from June 20-24, 2021. WHTC and f-cell+HFC feature innovative technologies and international markets – through three days of plenaries, keynotes, sessions, […]

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UConn-Technion Collaboration Develops Model for Affordable Fuel Cell Catalysts

UConn researchers and collaborators at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology developed a theoretical model that will expediate the development of affordable fuel cells. Radenka Maric, UConn’s vice president for research, innovation and entrepreneurship; Dario Dekel from Technion’s Chemical Engineering Department; S. Pamir Alpay, UConn’s associate dean for research and industrial partnerships; and Sanjubala Sahoo, […]

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Dr. Radenka Maric publishes new book Maric - Photo

UConn Vice President for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Radenka Maric has just released a new book with co-author Gholamreza Mirshekari.  This book is a valuable resource for beginners as well as for experienced researchers and developer of solid oxide fuel cells.  All proceeds from sales of the book will support students through scholarships.   For […]

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